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EFD – Oxfam

Project Title:
Quality monitoring and product traceability for vegetable and fruit value chains
36 months (1st December 2018 – 31st November 2021)

The project is funded by Oxfam Novib and GSRD Foundation and will be implemented through collaboration between Oxfam, Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) and the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub). Through working with impact-driven small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agriculture value chains that are creating social impact to small-scale producers (SSPs), the project aims to support those SMEs that want to improve their business management, are eager to pursue sustainable production methods, want to improve quality monitoring of their supply chain and want to use technology for traceability of their products.

GreenHub will be in charge of the component: “Quality monitoring and product traceability for vegetable and fruit value chains. The component aims to pilot the application of advanced technology on quality monitoring and product traceability with SMEs and SSPs.


  • Select and customize appropriate traceability software for quality monitoring and product traceability.
  • Provide training for all SMEs to raise awareness about principles on quality monitoring and select 4 SMEs that are eager to develop a quality monitoring system and use traceability software.
  • Provide capacity building for selected SMEs and SSP groups on good quality management principle, an organization of quality supervising board and operation of monitoring team.
  • Support selected SMEs and SSP groups to develop their own quality standards, implement quality monitoring system and ensure the traceability of products.
  • Raise awareness and build trust for consumers /retailers about quality monitoring systems of SMEs and involve them into the system to ensure transparency and effective operation of product traceability solfware.