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Garden model of Dong Y Thien Luong: Remarkable changes in the process of sustainable forest design

Dong Y Thien Luong was founded by doctor Dinh Thi Song Nga, Director of Nam Thang Long Co., Ltd. – a unit specializing in the preparation and production of oriental medicine in Ha Nam province. With the attitude of a doctor who wants to bring good quality traditional medicine products to people and take care of consumers’ health, Dong Y Thien Luong always puts themselves in the consumer’s perspective, and therefore always prioritizes product quality standards.

Especially, in the past two years, Dong Y Thien Luong has started to implement a forest garden project, with the desire to improve the planting land, increase the yield of traditional medicinal plants as well as organic vegetables, and towards safe and sustainable agriculture.

On May 20, 2022, after nearly two years of consulting on the design of Dong Y Thien Luong forest garden, the sustainable agriculture consultants at the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub) had a tour to visit the forest garden of Dong Y Thien Luong and was surprised by the rapid change of the garden. With the dedicated advice of expert Duong Tran Anh Tuan, along with the spirit of enthusiasm, passion, and desire to bring consumers clean products in the form of sustainable agriculture, Mrs. Song Nga made great strides in the process of building and designing a multi-functional forest garden.

“When we received the advice of expert Tuan, we found the methods to be very effective and smart, for example, how to combine plants for forest gardens accordingly, from planting pioneer trees to main crops. In addition, we also understand and design the garden so that plants can coexist with each other based on similar biological characteristics of plants such as photosynthesis or plant roots. All create a forest garden model that simulates nature in the best way. Moreover, expert Tuan also advises us on how to keep water for the forest garden so that the water source is not wasted and special breeding methods such as mobile chicken coop – helping to control weeds and enrich the soil.” – Mrs. Song Nga shared.

With a spirit of enthusiasm and willingness to take action to change, Mrs. Song Nga sends a message to farmers, farm builders, and forest gardeners:

“If you use unsustainable inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, you will easily lose balance in the process of controlling income and expenditure for your garden. If you apply forest gardening, take advantage of natural processes and find ways to grow plants symbiotically, you will reduce input costs and increase crop quality and productivity in a sustainable way.”

We invite you to follow the sustainable agriculture consultants at GreenHub to visit Dong Y Thien Luong forest garden to learn about the remarkable changes in the process of designing and building an organic forest garden model that spreads healthy and sustainable living values!