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Capturing green moments competition participation form is officially open

⇒ Registration form: (Deadline: 23:59 13/08/2023): Link 

⇒ Booklet: Link

Ting ting… You just received an invitation from ZHub. Hurry up to join and get a lot of attractive presents!

As part of the activity to welcome students to a new learning journey, “Capturing green moments” competition was organized by ZHub to spread responsibility and green living spirit, creating a playground to connect young people. We hope that through the contest, you will have more perspectives on green living, environmental protection actions and awareness of building a sustainable society together.


Students aged 06 – 23, studying at Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, High Schools, Universities and Colleges in Vietnam.


– Registration journey (31/07/2023 – 13/08/2023)

+ 11/08/2023: Talkshow: Understanding yourself – Renovating the environment

– Challenging journey (14/08/2023 – 29/08/2023)

+ 16/08/2023: Challenge: using affordable disposable items

+ 18/08/1023: Challenge: sorting waste at source

+ 20/08/2023: Challenge: reusing/re-designing objects from sorted trash

+ 22/08/2023: Additional challenge


Step 1: Fill in the registration form

Step 2: Get request and challenge from the organizers

Step 3: Take a photo or record a video demonstrating your participation in the challenge, share the story of that action with a caption. Upload to your personal Facebook page with hashtag: #zhub#greenhub#battronkhoanhkhacsinh

Step 4: Submit your entry to the organizers by sending the link of the Facebook post within 48 hours from the time the we announced the challenge.


– Prizes in Talkshow:

+ 10 pairs of coasters from Gaea Social Enterprise

+ 3 bottles of grapefruit essential oil from Hop Farm

– Prizes in the competition:

+ 01 certificate of first prize: 1,500,000 VND + In kind

+ 01 certificate of second prize: 1,000,000 VND + In kind

+ 01 certificate of third prize: 700,000 VND + In kind

+ 20 certificates of consolation prizes: In kind

So what are you waiting for? Apply now to join our competition to get presents and spread Green values to our community!