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Training Program to promote business development

The training program “Promoting Business Development” is within the framework of the “Seeds to Promote Business” competition, under the project “Accelerating Socio-economic Development and Multi-Dimensional Poverty Reduction among Ethnic Minorities in Viet Nam” funded by the United Nations Development Program – UNDP and the GREAT project program.

Training for the winning units was planned to help them grow their businesses, as well as to help them enhance their leadership abilities. 

The “Promoting Business Development” training program, which ran from April 13 to 17, 2022 in Hanoi, was attended by representatives from cooperatives, businesses, and other organizations. The project’s business partners learned a lot of things from three courses:

The “Developing a Business Strategy Based on Business Model” course: Allow business leaders understand, build and clearly present the business model to investors, support units and their own staff.

The “5S-Skills for optimal production organization” course: Turn their business into an orderly, efficient operation that saves money, and time, and avoids waste by improving the management of their production facilities and equipment.

As part of the “Negotiation Skill” course, they learn how to assist corporations and enterprises in securing long-term relationships, as well as how to boost their own confidence and prestige, making their life better.

One of the first courses in Hanoi to use the Gamification approach (learning via games) is “Promoting Business Development.” Students, particularly those from ethnic minorities, have found that tough material has become more approachable, memorable, and understandable via the use of engaging games and challenges.

“I am very impressed with this course, especially the knowledge about effective 5S production organization skills. After finishing my studies, I found that my workshop was still inefficient and unproductive. I will apply what I have learned to improve the working environment in my workshop. In addition, the teachers teach the lessons are easy to understand, easy to learn, and the lessons are highly applicable.”

Mr. Mua A Ga, deputy director of Lang Cuu Commercial and Agricultural Service Cooperative shared.