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Thank you, Australian friends.

Have you ever felt the world was vast, strange but really close? Australia thought so far away but it turned out so close thanks to enthusiastic and lovely friends.
Since May 2019, GreenHub has been accompanied by Bek Thielemans – a volunteer from Australia. During the 10-month journey, Bek opened up a wider picture of the world for GreenHub-ers.

Bek Thielemans – our lovely volunteer

With extensive knowledge in Communication, Bek has helped a lot with organizing activities through training activities, advice on necessary tools and skills in a flat world. Besides, with her capital of life and experience, open and optimistic spirit, Bek promotes the spirit of exploring and learning to GreenHub-ers.

Bek in GreenThank -an activities of GreenHub

Although the first chapter of Bek’s journey with GreenHub has ended, we still want to thank Bek for all good things we got together. Hopefully, this goodbye will prepare for longer and more meaningful journeys for the future to come. Wish Bek is always healthy and happy on her way.

Bek and Phoebe – another volunteer form Australian Volunteers program in GreenHub’s party

In addition, GreenHub would like to thank the Australian Volunteer Program – The organization has brought us lovely kangaroo contacts from 2017 to the present. Your help is a huge part of what we have done. Way ahead, hope to always have companions.