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Sharing of Women’s Union in Bac Tu Liem district after the training

Recently, the Women’s Union of Bac Tu Liem district conducted a training to improve knowledge on garbage collection, classification, and treatment of organic waste in some wards of the district (Lien Mac, Thuong Cat, Dong Ngac, Tay Tuu, Phu Dien, Duc Thang) and the Association of Women with Disabilities.

Despite the fact that the training is still in its early stage, it has already attracted the participation of 215 women in the district. Trainers are educated in the art of teaching and transmitting information to students. People on the ward have access to organic waste treatment techniques and instruments (probiotics, compost bins). It’s also possible to manufacture your own fertilizer and enzyme preparations at home with the help of GreenHub, which is located in each ward.

Let’s find out what the women of the wards have shared about the recent training activities.