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Seminar “Promoting the circular economy” and MoU signing event between GreenHub and Academy of Policy and Development (APD)

The program on July 26 organized by Greenhub and APD was successfully held with 2 main events: The seminar on “Promoting the circular economy” and the Signing event between Greenhub x APD. The program welcomed the participation of the Academy’s Board of Directors, students, lecturers at the Academy of Policy and Development, and speakers.

Aside from the offline event, we also live-streamed the program via Zoom and on the fanpage GreenHub and Zero Waste Schools & More – ZHub, the program has reached nearly 2000 people and received nearly 1000 interactions.

APD has officially become the first University to join the Alliance “Zero Schools Waste and More” (ZHUB).

Through the event, attendees:

  • Gain awareness of the serious pollution that economic activities cause to the environment
  • Gain a better understanding of the Circular Economy model and how to apply it, the sustainable benefits it brings
  • Witness the signing of cooperation commitments between Greenhub and APD and the plans, goals, and proposals of the two parties in the future to promote the practice of Zero waste lifestyle on campus.

After signing the MoU, the two sides have agreed:

On the APD side:

  • The Faculty of Business Administration will develop a green innovation zone, implemented by Startup & Marketing Club with recycling projects.
  • Request students in the dormitory to sort waste.
  • Rebuild the trash cans in the dormitory and in schools.

On the Greenhub side:

Together with the Academy of Policy and Development, set new and more expectations, must include green innovation and green start-ups such as the use of the MRF+ model.