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Recruitment: Unit to propose initiatives and accompany in implementation

  • Job Title: Unit to propose initiatives and accompany in implementation
  • Deadline: 5 p.m Friday, April 1 st, 2022
  • Reporting to: Project Coordinator; Project Manager
  • Refer to details at:


  • Develop a plan to develop eco-friendly, plastic-reduced school models in line with actuality and Green school standards according to Da Nang People’s Committee regulations.
  • Implement planned steps and evaluate plastic-reduced models at 03 primary schools in Cam Le district. Include at least the following main tasks: 
    • Waste audit at school 
    • Making a set of solutions to reduce waste and plastic for schools based on the audit report
    • Execute specific activities for the eco-friendly, plastic-reduced school models
    • Support schools to found environmental groups/clubs to maintain the eco-friendly, plastic-reduced activities at school 
    • Assess the level of plastic reduction and report the experience. 


  • Organization consultant with at least a Bachelor’s degree in environment, development, social science, education, or related fields. Organizational consulting and having a Master’s degree or higher are preferable. 
  • At least 5 years of working experience in environment, development, or related fields.
  • Experienced in consulting and building eco-friendly, plastic-reduced school models.
  • Having working experience and good connection skills with state agencies and NGOs.
  • Deep passion for sustainability and the environment. 


Deadline for submission: 5 p.m Friday, April 1st, 2022

Please send your application document to the email address: