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Plastic Action Network Celebrates One Year of Impact

The Plastic Action Network (PAN) has just completed its first year of operation. PAN was created to tackle the urgent plastic pollution problem that faces Vietnam.

PAN works directly with Women’s Unions groups in Ha Long City to minimise plastic waste production. GreenHub trains local women to collect, recycle and reuse discarded plastic waste and turn them into new products such as eco-bricks, bags, coasters and more. These items are then sold producing a profit and generating income for the women. You can read more about the details of the project here.

The project has been incredibly successful. During the first year, some of the wonderful outcomes have included:

  • 175 women provided with training and given opportunities for new sources of livelihood
  • 3930kg of plastic collected, directly limiting the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans
  • 20,000 members of the public have been reached and educated about the importance of proper plastic waste management and how they can get involved

The PAN project is made up of four key components. Read more about the impact the project has made in each of the components below.

Impacts in Component One
Impacts in Component Two
Impacts in Component Three
Impacts in Component Four