Office Retreat 2022

On July 4th, GreenHub’s members had a very meaningful and unforgettable time with the Office Retreat at Xanh Villas Resort.

Through fascinating team-building activities, the members were able to soothe and relax after stressful working days, and at the same time understand more about other aspects of each member of the organization.

In addition, each department has an opportunity to openly share with each other the strengths and weaknesses, the difficulties when working with each other, and together learn from experience, and contribute ideas to make GreenHub become more complete and more steady on the journey for the green development of Vietnam.

GreenHub tin rằng sau chuyến đi này, các lá xanh cảm thấy gắn kết hơn bao giờ hết, và mỗi thành viên đều sẽ được tiếp thêm năng lượng để tiếp tục thực hiện những dự án xanh trong tương lai!

GreenHub believes that after the trip, the members will feel more connected than ever, and each member will be energized to continue implementing green projects in the future!