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Meaning is not just on paper

“Một tay làm chẳng nên non

Nhiều bên hợp lại lan tỏa sống xanh”

The Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance and its members and partners for the past 3 years have persisted in their journey to reduce plastic waste. If there is only one hand to do it, it may take a long time for the waste to be reduced. But with the synergies of many close partners, accompanying together across Vietnam beaches from North to South, from Quang Ninh to Phu Yen, more than 13 thousand tons of waste have been audited. This may seem like a great number, but it is actually a small number compared to the huge amount of waste being released into the environment every day.

Overview of Waste Assessment and Brands Audit in Vietnam, 2018 – 2020

In the journey of Waste Assessment and Brands Audit in Vietnam from 2018 to 2020, data were collected and successfully established a Solid Waste Assessment and Brands Audit in Vietnam. The numbers and data are not only on paper but have contributed to creating a positive change for the Vietnamese environment.

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Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals who share a common interest in adopting a zero-waste lifestyle to better implement solid waste management, reduce plastic, and protect natural resources and environment in Vietnam. Members of the Alliance are non-profit organizations, government members, universities and businesses.


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