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GreenHub transforms MRF area at experimental school of education science (ESES)

Do you know where the plastic bottles will be after being used?

If our specific actions after use are different, the environmental impact process of plastic bottles will also be different.

GreenHub wants to send environmental messages to many students and support them to improve their knowledge, perspective and practice of zero waste, thereby transforming it into actions to protect the environment in the community. Recently, GreenHub has collaborated with Experimental School of Education Science (ESES) to paint 21 murals with specific content related to the origin and structure of plastic; sharing about the journey of 3 plastic bottles after being used; 5R message in green lifestyle and instructions for composting in tubes.

In addition, GreenHub provided realia to classifying plastic waste and designing the construction of the MRF area, the composting tubes and tires at the MRF area were painted beautifully, along with graphic details for composting at school. Thanks to useful initiatives, serving effectively for teaching at school, GreenHub has promoted the knowledge of waste separation at source to students.

Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản

Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản

GreenHub hopes that ESES’s students will get the environmental message, continue promoting a green lifestyle and preserving the zero-waste school model.