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GreenHub & Goethe Institute – Promising cooperation opportunity for green development

Cooperation activities of GreenHub – Goethe Institute

GreenHub is delighted to have signed a collaboration agreement with the Goethe-Institute as part of the International Cooperation on Culture. GreenHub and Goethe-Institut will collaborate to organize cultural exchange activities, as well as events on plastic and life, in order to contribute to Vietnam’s future Green development.

In the future, GreenHub will collaborate with Goethe-Institut Hanoi to conduct a series of Science Film Festival events in 2021 with the theme “Better Health through Better Understanding,” sponsored by Goethe-Institut.

GreenHub is also honored that the Goethe-Institut will assist in implementing a project in Hai Phong in 2021-2022. Please wait for us to unveil the specifics of this project shortly!

About the Goethe-Institut:

Founded in 1997 in Hanoi, the Goethe-Institut is a cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Goethe-Institut fosters international cultural cooperation by disseminating knowledge on the host country’s life, society, and politics. Since then, the Goethe-Institut has made it simple for people to get a comprehensive image of Germany.

The Goethe-Institut was Asia’s youngest institution when it was founded. The Institute’s primary goal is to promote cultural connections between Vietnam, Germany, and Europe. The Goethe-Institut Hanoi addressed an invitation to GreenHub in early 2021, seeking collaboration between the two organizations; this has unlocked the way to numerous deep and widespread coordinated operations.