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E-motion – Miniseries Tach Nhua – EP 3 – Students’ minimalist lifestyle (Part 1) – Minimal fashion

Many individuals turn to a minimalist lifestyle as a means of calming their minds and bodies when life becomes too hectic. Even if you’ve heard of the minimalist lifestyle, do you find it intimidating because of the perceived high costs? This is the third podcast in the Tach Nhua series, featuring the minimalist lifestyles of college students.

Part 1 of “Students’ minimalist lifestyle” will take you into the world of fashion, which is now quite popular and trendy. How can you maintain a fantastic everyday “outfit” but still protect the environment when you’re always following the latest fashion trends?  Can fashionistas live a minimalist lifestyle when it comes to their wardrobes?

Today’s episode will discover how young people practice minimalism, especially in fashion.

“PlasPics Hunter” contest is organized by For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF), Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA), and the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub). The contest is one of the collaboration activities among the Plastics and Health Action Partnership (PHA) members, funded by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Duy Tan Plastic Company and Vietcycle Corporation.