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E-motion – Miniseries Tach Nhua – EP 2 – Hidden Angle of Plastic Recycle Craft Village

Is plastic pollution entirely due to the low awareness of plastic consumers or the weakness in plastic waste management?

The above questions will be answered in the second podcast in the Podcast series Plastic separation with the topic: The hidden corner of the plastic recycling village with the sharing of two guests: Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, chairman of the recycled plastic association. of the Vietnam Plastics Association and Mrs. Quach Thi Xuan – Coordinator of the Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance.

Listen with #GREENHUB#VSF#VZWA to find out the root cause of the plastic pollution problem in Vietnam in particular and globally in general during this last holiday!

“PlasPics Hunter” contest is organized by For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF), Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance (VZWA), and the Center for Supporting Green Development (GreenHub). The contest is one of the collaboration activities among the Plastics and Health Action Partnership (PHA) members, funded by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Duy Tan Plastic Company and Vietcycle Corporation.