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E-motion – EP 02 – Become vegetarian for the sake of the environment, why not?

For a variety of reasons, people decide to go vegan. Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs, the welfare of animals, environmental concerns, or even your health, you may choose to make a change.

There is detailed information about vegetarianism in this second episode of the podcast. To become a vegetarian, how do you begin a vegetarian diet in the first place? How to distinguish veganism and vegetarianism; especially people will have a better understanding of various types of vegetarianism,… It will also give you a broader perspective on whether or not you should become vegan/vegetarian. 

In terms of environmental issues, producing meat and other animal products is very wasteful and has a negative impact on our planet’s natural resources. Nearly half of the Central American rainforest has been deforested for cattle use. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is generated when you consume 1kg of beef in a hamburger, which is the equivalent of driving a vehicle for more than three weeks; A kilo of beef requires 25 kilograms of grain and 15,000 liters of water to be produced; etc..… As a result, numerous young people have become vegetarian in order to minimize their impact on the environment and natural resources. Let’s listen to Thuy Tien and Ngan Ha’s thoughts on vegetarianism and the environment in episode 2 of E-motion!