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Do we really understand plastic waste?

“It is not good to use plastic bags a lot”, “Need to protect the environment”, … such sayings and thoughts are not strange to anyone.


If you had an empty bottle in your hand, would you throw it away or keep using it?

If you continue to use it, until when? Did you know that there are toxins in plastics?

If you throw it away, where should you dispose of it? Can you distinguish the classifications through the symbols of plastic products?

All the questions above lead to people’s knowledge and awareness about plastic waste.

Through thorough research, the results have shown:

  • People have an initial understanding of the problem of plastic waste, but this knowledge is not comprehensive and complete.
  • Respondents are conscious of reducing plastic waste through many different forms and all said it is necessary to reduce plastic waste. However, they do not really understand their own responsibilities.
  • People have consciously classified plastic waste but this has not been done synchronously and on a large scale. 

The above results have shown a positive signal about people’s awareness of reducing plastic waste in Vietnam. From there, we can come up with the most appropriate and most effective solutions to help repel ‘white pollution’ and preserve the beauty of Vietnam. That is the result that the LSPP project aims to achieve.


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The data is based on the survey results of 558 subjects, including 347 subjects in 4 project areas: Hanoi, Ha Long, Da Nang and Hoi An and 211 respondents from a semi-structured questionnaire that was shared online.


The project “Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution” (LSPP) is sponsored by USAID under the program “Vietnam Local Activities Project for Environmental Health” implemented by GreenHub with 03 partners (ISPONRE, HUPH-VOHUN, GIMASYS).