Internal News

28 February, 2021

/HēRōS/: ZERO – ANH HÙNG 0 – Số thứ 4

Rất xin chào các bạn!! Với chủ đề “Nhựa và COVID-19” của cuộc thi GreenTalk 2021, hôm nay chuyên mục Anh hùng 0 sẽ đem đến […]
10 February, 2021

Understanding waste: What do we get?

What is garbage that we have to audit? Understanding waste turns out to understand ourselves. The problem of environmental pollution in Vietnam in recent years is […]
9 February, 2021

For a Vietnam Zero Waste

Referring to the future, we often conceive of technology and modernity, but have you ever thought about the prospects of no plastic waste, when people and […]
8 February, 2021

Open the brand waste

If every time we litter, we laugh and say it’s just a bag, or a package of chips thrown away after using. Imagine everyone says and […]