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5R Rule – Eat during Tet

New Year’s Day is coming, we wish each other

Another year of prosperity and happiness

Wherever you go, remember

This New Year’s Eve has 5 Rs

Another Tet season is coming, families are preparing to be flooded with food and sweets. We believe that eating during Tet can be fattening but definitely should not be wasted. Is there a way to have a hygienic and environmentally friendly “Tet season”? GreenHub would like to share a few tips to help families celebrate the 5R’s this year.

Again, in case anyone doesn’t remember, 5R stands for: Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace.

So this year during Tet, remember the 5R, guys! Let’s follow them through each photo!


Refuse to buy confectionery with too many plastic bags. A package of cookies may be delicious, but if you wrap them in more plastic bags, it is not worth buying anymore.

Refuse to buy online. This may not seem easy for many people. Tet comes, partly because of the convenience of food such as banh chung, sticky rice or chicken, confectionery, fruit… are also bustling with orders. Buyers do not have to go to the market, squeeze into crowded streets to shop, but now it only takes a few taps on the phone. However, the consequences for that “convenience” are hundreds of plastic packaging pieces, foam and plastic bags that come with the goods to the door of the family.

Refusing to pour cooking oil under the sink. When Tet comes, even if people prepare greasy dishes, please remember not to pour them down the sink, because this will not only clog the drain but also pollute the water source. Scientists estimate that 1 liter of old oil will contaminate nearly 1 million liters of clean water – equivalent to the amount of water used by 1 person in 14 years.


Cut down on buying food and drink indiscriminately. After 3 main Tet days, how many families have eaten all the chicken and banh chung in the refrigerator? Coming from the mentality that Tet is full and affluent, people always buy a lot of food to store in the cupboard. In recent years, supermarkets and markets have opened quite early, so families can probably stop worrying about the lack of places to buy things during Tet and pay more attention to wasting food.


Reuse plastic bags, reusable packaging especially zip lock bags, glass bottles, candy boxes… Plastic bags after 1 use can be washed and reused, so please continue using them until they break.


Recycling plastic bottles and cans after drinking them into DIY items, pen holders or planters… are some good examples. This may take a bit of work, but the results are lovely and the environment will thank you.


Replace food wrap with containers. It is known that Tet comes with a lot of food and often has to be stored in the refrigerator, but families can opt to choose containers which can be used again and again without creating more waste for the environment.


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